Demo Memo: Skip journalism school go directly to Interweb

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J-School a dead end; DIY on the Web

Until the introduction of the smartphone in 2007, the effect of the internet on employment in traditional media—newspapers, magazines, and books—had been minimal. Between 1993 (when Mosaic was introduced—the first graphical interface for the Worldwide Web) and 2007, newspaper employment had fallen some, but the worst was yet to come. Employment in the magazine and book industries was almost unchanged during those years. Not so after the smartphone transformed the internet into something personal and portable...

Employment change in newspaper industry
1993 to 2007: –79,000
2007 to 2016: –168,200
68% of job loss occurred since 2007

Employment change in magazine industry
1993 to 2007: –300
2007 to 2016: –48,400
99% of job loss occurred since 2007

Employment change in book industry
1993 to 2007: 700
2007 to 2016: –20,700
100% of job loss occurred since 2007

Traditional media jobs are disappearing, and new jobs are emerging in internet publishing and broadcasting—but not enough to fill the gap. Internet media employment grew by 125,300 between 2007 and 2016, or a little less than half the 237,300 jobs lost in the newspaper, magazine, and book industries. Even including job growth in television and film, there has been a net loss of 159,200 media jobs since 2007.

Source: Demo Memo analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Trends in Newspaper Publishing and Other Media, 1990-2016

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Tiny Town Teaser No. 34, Vol. 7

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1. With 5 Across, 2015 Tom Hardy role
4. Eastern band?
5. See 1 Across


1. Quaint tattoo
2. Org. with suits and cases?
3. Twice cinq
Degree of Difficulty: Easy as spotting The Donald in a wig shop.

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We'll see you three Debussy to one Ravel on Mother's Day

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Unravel with some Ravel; Defuse with Debussy and mostly, come out and support the Finger Lakes Chamber Ensemble's Mother's Day Concert this Sunday, May 8th, at the Unitarian Church in Ithaca ... We're talking about 25 years of an ever-evolving group of musicians who play for keeps. Please come and enjoy this exuberance of Impressionism -- do it for Mom!




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Internet is killing the casual reader right in the eyes

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Decline in Spending on Reading Material

Percent of households spending on books, newspapers, and magazines (including e-editions), and other reading material during the average quarter of...

2014: 26%
2010: 37%
2005: 46%
2002: 54%

Source: Demo Memo analysis of the Consumer Expenditure Survey

Cheryl Russell is a nationally renowned demographer as well as editorial director of New Strategist Press. Russell also is the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine and The Boomer Report. She has written numerous books about demographic trends. Ms. Russell is a professional demographer with a master's degree from Cornell University.


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