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What's in a Business Card any more, anyway?

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Tiny Town, USA --  Are you in your pajamas? What's in a biz card nowadays?


For instance, the entire back of the ttt card shown above can be used to do simple  math, write down another number or pick your teeth.

This card means a lot to us here.

And if C. Penbroke may get a little sentimental for a moment (I will anyway so go back to sleep), having a card reminds me a great deal of finding a stash of my own father's business cards in his desk. They were simple:



The letters were slightly embossed. The card had our phone number and address on it.

My father was important! WE were important! 

We think our card, designed by Rigel Stuhmiller, nee Belinda Cho, is elegant, tasteful and gets the job done.

Remember: we too, at TinyTownTimes.com, are builders.

– C. Penbroke Handy  

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